Rewarded Microtasking
Increase in-app revenue by more than 20% with our customizable Data Labeling SDK
We enable our audience network made up of thousands of mobile apps and websites to connect real users to earn rewards in real-time for participating in Data Labeling.
Start generating revenue from non-paying users with our rewarded microtasking offerwall
Monetize your mobile app with high paying data annotation tasks from Al and ML companies
Data Labeling works in the exact same way like Rewarded Videos or Ad Offerwalls. Let users complete microtasks to earn in-app currency or unlock paid content. Or both.
Reward your users for completing image/video annotation tasks that power Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning engines.
How it works?
International: get paid for the tasks completed by your users anywhere in the world
Unparalleled eCPMs to drive in-app revenue: see up to 2X higher average ECPMS
Improve Retention and maximize LTV.
Boost user engagement.
Alternative extra way to monetize users who do not convert on IAP or subscription paywalls
Integrate with just one line code |
The most profitable way to monetize your traffic
What are the benefits?
User get a reward. Publisher gets paid
User complete suggested data annotation task
Incentivize users
How publishers get paid?
Business model
You will get paid each time when a task is completed in your app
Artificial Intelligence and Machin Learning Companies
100% Payouts
Data Labeling SDK
Mobile Publishers
SDK Owner
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Save Life
Offerwall Entry
Free coins
Go Pro
Placement examples
Powering top publishers
Partnered with more than 10k App developers
Partnered with more than 143k apps and websites
There are several successful Rewarded Survey SDKs with global presence.

Who alredy uses it?

Free flexible integration options to fit your needs across all platforms.
Start earning revenue in your app today.
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