Lab3l provides straight-forward annotation and classification for data science teams. Gain more accuracy, completeness, and uniformity across all your datasets.
Rapid data labeling outsourcing
for your business
Using the largest distribution network and narrow targeting, we find the right audience for any data labeling needs — at speed and at scale.
Lab3l is the data annotation provider with an end-to-end solution and a mobile-first approach that delivers real-time data labeling from millions real consumers around the world.
Reinventing Data Annotation
Lab3l provides high-quality image annotation. We specialize in bounding-box and polygon annotation for any artificial intelligence, computer vision and machine learning project. Harness our services and tools to power your object detection, computer vision, or image segmentation projects. Identify products on supermarket shelves, improve obstacle-detection for self-driving cars, or identify shapes in satellite imagery; we provide human intelligence for every use case.
Image Annotation
Crowdsource human intelligence to label data and create more robust machine learning algorithms. Augment and enhance existing datasets with additional labels to optimize your training datasets. Label and tag products, images, or objects to enhance your machine learning model’s contextual understanding and get more accurate results.
Data Labeling
Classify and categorize your data with lab3l. Supplement your datasets with comprehensive data classification. Identify and detect specified criteria for your machine learning projects; be it content moderation for low-resolution images, text classification for spam detection, or classifying support tickets by topic - we’ve got it covered.
Data Classification
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